Why it is called Farmer?

This name came from analogous a batch processing in database environment to performing agricultural actions on soil using various machines. In both cases, it is preferable to have a tractor and just plug a adequate instrument to it. Work goes faster when you have a fleet of tractors - ones who have are efficient Farmers.
Why Farmer is classified as server?

Farmer evolved in a classical way. At the beginning was paradigm - "All batch processes are the same". This paradigm was base for set of good practices, framework. Finally, since mandatory objects specification was limited to representation of set and operation, and concurrency was introduced the name Batch Process Server has being used. Comparing to similar product, classification Farmer as a container would be also congruent.
Where and when Farmer was developed?

Development of Farmer was based on experience Scott Tiger S.A. in database application manufacturing for big Polish telecommunication, insurance and financial companies. Farmer has been developed since 2007.
How Farmer is embedded in Oracle database?

Farmer works on Oracle 10g or higher database version. It consists of 3 schemas and their objects: SYS_FARMER, SYS_GENCALL, SYS_FRM_AQ. Farmer batch processes are realized as DBMS Scheduler jobs which is currently recommended scheduling mechanism.
How can I try Farmer?

The quickest way to start using Farmer is to try it in remote mode.
You will need to dispose of server with instance of any version Oracle database that can:
- access another Oracle database over database link via public Internet
- be accessed over database link via public Internet

More information – especially quick start guide you will find in section Try.
Why this FAQ is so short?

Because it is under creation. Do not hesitate to send a question mailing to farmer@tiger.com.pl.
It is quite possible that your question help us to expand this FAQ.
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